If your home is your castle that why not make the outside look fit for a king?  Rains Landscaping can help you make routine look regal with our wide array of outdoor services that can maintain, beautify and increase the value of your most precious asset, your home!

Our Services Include:

Fertilization Programs/Lawn Mowing

Step 1 is always essential.  Similar to eating properly to maintain your health, a lawn needs the proper nutrition in order to look right and weather the summer heat.  Our program spans from spring to fall and will have your lawn be the sparkling jewel of the neighborhood and others be green with envy.

When the fertilization and care is well underway, have the pros at Rains mow your lawn.  Our blades are as sharp as the weekly cut you will receive from our team.  We cut, edge, weed trim and blow any loose clippings to achieve the ultimate look of a “just-cut” lawn.


The purpose of much is pretty basic.  With the clay composition of the soil in Northeast Ohio mulch acts as a barrier to keep sunlight out and moisture in your garden.  The professionals at Rains will do this dirty, dusty yet necessary task for you and apply the right amount, color and texture in order to maximize the visual effects of your yard.

Planting & Beautification

A landscape is like a weather forecast in that knowledge is necessary to predict outcomes.  Trust Rains to guide your planting and beautification efforts as variables such as plant height, growing conditions, peak growing size, shade and sun and many other factors are considered and expertly laid out to execute the perfect landscape for your property

Routine Maintenance (Shrubs, trees weeding etc.)

Want to spend your weekends and week nights enjoying your yard instead of working in it?  Let the experienced team at Rains trim, shape, prune and clean your landscape and yard throughout the summer season

Landscaping Construction

For the bigger projects involving landscape walls, patios and other, the team at Rains landscaping will deliver a one to one consultation to insure budgets are met and  project success is achieved

Water Features

Want the tranquil sounds of water on your property.  Call Rains Landscaping today to explore the myriad of pond, pools and small waterfalls that are just right for your yard.